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Computer Science 1 Code

MP1A-------Displays the number of bytes in certain data types
MP2--------Converts Fahrenheit to Celsius
MP2A------Displays escape characters in ASCII, HEX, and OCTAL
MP2AB----Calculates two random numbers and performs various math calculations with them
MP3--------Displays real quadratic roots
MP4--------Calulates monthly payment, annual interest and duration of a loan
MP5--------Displays students letter grade based on quizzes and tests
MP6--------Same as above only using switch.
MP6A------Displays both real and complex quadratic roots
MP7--------Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit a user defined number of times
MP7A------Compute real and complex roots of quadratic equation user defined times
MP8--------Use functions to manipulate two numbers
MP8A------Calculate Fibbonaci numbers
MP8ab------Annuities with a switch menu
MP10---------Manipulate data using strings
MP10a--------Calculate student averages based on test grades
MP11--------MP10a with sorting features

Computer Science 2 Code

Lab 1 Out-----The user enters a full name and the program outputs what the last and first names were.
Lab 2 Out-----Similar to lab 1 out, but with dynamic memory allocation
Lab 3 Out-----Using pointers and dynamic memory allocation,It uses a car dealership as an example
Lab 4 Out-----Example of making a program that excepts arguments from the command line instead of prompting the user
Lab 5 Out-----Uses structures to calculate the shipping price on user defined packages
Lab 7 Out-----Basic integer array class
Lab 8 Out-----Complex number class
Lab 9 Out-----Custom string class and sentence reverser
Lab 10 Out----Linked list class
Lab 11 Out----Classes that give example of inheritance and polymorphism

Other Source Code

TextCrypt-----Simple text file encrypter/decrypter
LargeInteger-----Adds together two positive numbers up to 300 digits long.